Walimex pro ND-Fader coated 77 mm ND2 - ND400

Item number: 19981
  • Variable density filter made of multi-coated optical glass
  • For lenses with 77mm filter thread
  • Further filters can be screwed on, but with 86mm thread
  • Indispensable for videography
  • Ideal for landscape photography
  • Stepless and individually adjustable from ND x2 to x400 (-1 to -8 f-stops)
  • For uniform light reduction in the image
  • Extends the exposure time - thus long-term exposure during the day, strong motion blur and flow effects are possible
Item description

Flexibly adjustable
The Walimex pro ND Fader reduces the amount of light entering the lens without changing colors. This makes it possible to take long exposures during the day, but also to achieve blurred motion and flow effects. The exposure time extension is stepless and individually adjustable from -1 f-stops to approx. -8 f-stops. This means you have the right filter for every photographic situation: almost the entire aperture range is covered: With an initial aperture of 2.0, you can simulate an aperture of 22 for exposure control. Used in landscape photography, for example, you can work with a shallow depth of field. In videography, it allows you to fade in and fade out onscreen, or even change the exposure without losing the selected aperture and thus the selected depth of field.

Excellent workmanship
The variable density filter offers outstanding optical properties. This high quality ND filter is made of multi-coated optical glass and is set in a metal frame. The adjustment is smooth and precise. A protective cover is supplied for transport.

Other filters usable
Additional filters can be attached to the ND variable density filter. Due to its design, the variable density filter has a 77 mm thread on the lens side and a thread on the outer side for further filters with a diameter of 86 mm.

Technical specification

General information

Product Color Black
Diameter 77mm


Special Features 2 to 8.5 aperture
Coating Yes
Filter Diameter 77mm
Filter Material Glass
Ring Material Metal
Slim Setting No


Girth 314mm
Height of Packaging 26mm
Length of Packaging 119mm
Weight incl. Packaging 159g
Width of Packaging 118mm
Included in delivery

  • 1x neutral-density filter ND2-ND400, 77mm incl. protective covering

Examples of Use