Mantona Alto Tripod with geared column 295

Item number: 20068
  • Sturdy and versatile aluminium tripod with a maximum working height of 214 cm
  • Very secure and stable thanks to the mid-spreader and solid construction
  • Exact height adjustment by means of a crank handle and precise fine-cut thread
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity: approx. 4 to 6 kg (depending on the type of weight and the degree of extension)
  • incl. a practical transport bag
Item description

Sturdy construction combined with huge maximum working height
The mantona Alto 214 tripod is made from light, yet sturdy and robust aluminium. This choice of material means it is also suited to long, intense periods of use. The centre column with crank handle and precise fine-cut thread enable you to make very fine adjustments. The maximum working height of this tripod comes to a huge 214 cm (without the head).

Stable thanks to the additional centre column
The centre column is fitted with a 1/4 inch thread so that head and panheads can be attached. Using an 1/4 to 3/8 inch adapter, which can be obtained separately, 3/8 inch devices can, of course, also be connected. Using clamp quick-locks, you can set up the tripod quickly and securely on any ground surface, whether in the studio or outdoors. The necessary stability is always ensured thanks to the mid-spreader and the solid construction of this tripod.

Maximum load-bearing capacity of at least 4 kg
The officially stated maximum load-bearing capacity of this tripod is 4 kg. This value is kept conservatively low because of the extremely high, maximum working height of 214 cm. In normal practical use, a heights of lower than the dizzy height of 214 cm, and without the lever action of heavy equipment, for example a large telephoto lens, this tripod can easily take considerably more weight.

A transport bag with an additional external pocket already included as standard.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Photo Tripod, Video Tripod
Material Metal, Aluminium, Synthetic material, Foam
Product Color Black, Silver
Length 1070mm
Width 160mm
Weight 4990g


Min. Working Height 1000mm
Max. Capacity 6kg
Max. Load Tripod 6000g
Weight Tripod without Head 4990g
Pack Measure 107cm
Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
Number Tripod Legs 3St
Leg Locking Clamp locking
Number of Leg Segemts 3
min. work height reserve 100cm
Max. Working Height 2950mm
Height Tripod without head 2150mm
Diameter 1st Leg Segment 35mm
Diameter 2nd Leg Segment 30mm
Diameter 3rd Leg Segment 26mm
Number of Gummed Leg Segments 2St.
Leg Angle Adjustment Continuosly variable
Diameter Stand Area max. Variable adjustablemm, 800-2600mm
Spreader Variation Middle Spreader, Variable adjustable
Length middle column 56cm
2nd Central Column included No
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 0
Tripod Star Features Crank
Spikes Yes
Wrist Strap No
Transportation Weight incl. Bag 5300g
Transportation lenght outside measurements incl. bag 1100mm
Transportation Bag, Tripod included Yes
Special Features Crank for extending
Tripod Connection 1/4 inch


Girth 1010mm
Height of Packaging 190mm
Length of Packaging 1130mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 6099g
Width of Packaging 210mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x mantona Alto 214 tripod, 214 cm
  • 1x includes transport and storage bag
Examples of Use