Mantona Travel Pro III Tripod with Ball Head

Item number: 20082
  • Large, stable yet lightweight aluminium photo and video tripod
  • Height 63 to 168 cm, load capacity 4 kg, pack size 55 cm
  • Weight: 1.49 kg, packing size 65 cm
  • Incl. versatile 3-way pan head, quick-release plate with 1/4 inch connection thread
  • Very stable due to 29 mm tripod legs
  • Exact height adjustment by crank and precise fine-cut thread on the centre column
  • Incl. spirit level, bubble level; centre spreader and load hook
  • Ideal as photo tripod, video tripod, for telescopes and many other tripod applications
  • Incl. practical carrying bag
Item description

Mantona Travel Pro III - stable, versatile, comfortable
With the Mantona Travel Pro III tripod, high-quality photo and video recordings become child's play. Whether with light to medium cameras or smartphone, iPhone or action cam - with this tripod, photography and filming is not only better, but also much more comfortable than freehand shooting. Thanks to the extra-large height of 168 cm, the compact dimensions and the low weight of only 1.49 kg, it is a very convenient travel companion. It can be easily transported in the supplied bag or a backpack and is thus always at your disposal during hiking or other outdoor activities.

Pleasantly high working height
The height of the Travel Pro III is continuously adjustable from 63 to 168 cm. Even with maximum stability, i.e. retracted centre column, this Mantona tripod offers you a height of 136 cm. With the built-in crank, the millimetre-precise adjustment of the height is child's play and quick.

Compact, light and easy to transport
Despite its rich equipment, the Mantona Travel Pro III tripod with only 1.49 kg does not become a burden even on longer trips. With a packing size of only 63 cm, it is compact and can easily be stowed in the supplied bag or a backpack. Within seconds, the Travel Pro III is unpacked and ready for use - and just as quickly stowed away again in its bag.

Amazing stability
With a maximum load of 4 kg, the Travel Pro III tripod gives your equipment the stability you need for blur-free, high-quality shots. The large tripod legs made of high-strength aluminium alloy provide excellent stability. With diameters of an enormous 29, 25 and 21 mm, the tripod legs are very generously dimensioned for this class of tripod. An infinitely adjustable centre spreader ensures a torsion-free stand even with larger loads and panoramic pans. In adverse weather conditions or with very light loads, you can hang your photo backpack, for example, on the load hook and thus additionally stabilise the tripod. Rubber feet with level compensation ensure a very secure and non-slip stand on any surface.

3-way fluid head for ease of use
Whether you're shooting stills or video, the Travel Pro III's fluid-damped 3-way head always helps you achieve better results with its easy handling. It ensures blur-free shots for both moving and static shots. It enables smooth and steady 360° panoramic pans through the landscape without your subjects shifting in the vertical axis. Jerky panning is now a thing of the past. This tripod head is also a real help for portrait, landscape or architectural photography and guarantees high-resolution images and videos even in low light.

3D panhead with fluid damping and wide range of adjustment
The 3D video head allows you to pan your camera 360 degrees and tilt it 90° for portrait format shots. Panning on the vertical plane is also possible without shaking thanks to the wide tilt range from -90° to +75° (forwards and backwards). Individually operable fixing screws secure your equipment in the desired angle setting. The fluid damping also helps and ensures smooth movements. With the 20 cm long swivel arm, the tripod head can be operated easily and without effort.

Generously sized quick-release plate for easy camera changes
Your equipment can be easily and quickly mounted on the tripod head using a quick-release plate with a 1/4 inch connection. The quick-release plate of the Travel Pro III is generously sized at 75 x 55 mm and can be loosened or fastened in seconds thanks to the practical locking lever.

Suitable for many devices
With its maximum load of 4 kg, the Travel Pro III is suitable for lighter SLR cameras, mirrorless DSLM system cameras or digital cameras. It is also the perfect partner for your iPhone, smartphone, mobile phone or ActionCam (adapter required).

Bag included
A practical transportation and storage bag with shoulder strap is already included in the scope of delivery. Within seconds, the Travel Pro III is unpacked and ready for use - and, conversely, just as quickly stowed away again in its bag.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Photo Tripod, Video Tripod
Material Aluminium
Product Color Bronze-metallic
Length 650mm
Width 100mm
Weight 1495g


Max. Capacity 4kg
Max. Load Tripod 4000g
Weight Tripod incl. Head 1560g
Pack Measure 67cm
Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
Number Tripod Legs 3St
Leg Locking Clamp locking
Number of Leg Segemts 3
Max. Working Height 1650mm
Max. Height Tripod without ball head Head permanently installedmm
Number of Gummed Leg Segments 0St.
Leg Angle Adjustment Continuosly variable
Spreader Variation Middle Spreader
Length middle column 31cm
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 1
Tripod Star Features Crank
Tripod Head Panhead
Max. Load Tripod Head 4000g
Height Ball Head 90mm
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 2
Contains quick change plate Yes
Length quick change plate 76mm
Width Quick Change Plate 65mm
Height quick release plate 13mm
Weight quick change plate 30g
Compatible quick change systems Walimex WT-3570, Walimex WT-3530
Spikes No
Tripod-head replaceable No
Transport Length 630mm
Transportation Weight incl. Bag 1650g
Transportation lenght outside measurements incl. bag 670mm
Wrist Strap Yes
Tripod Connection Firmly connected


Girth 1181mm
Height of Packaging 129mm
Length of Packaging 665mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Transport Length 630mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1980g
Width of Packaging 129mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Mantona Travel Pro III tripod with fluid head
  • 1x Quick release plate
  • 1x Transportation and storage bag
Examples of Use