Walimex pro 100/3.1 macro Video DSLR Sony E

Item number: 20849
  • specially developed for videography and photography
  • infinite aperture setting, soft focussing, aperture ring and focus ring with ring gear for focussing facilities
  • high-quality optics and mechanics, coated glass lenses, distance and aperture scale arranged on the side for better legibiloity
  • maximum aperture of 1:3.1 for filming at dusk and also suitable for pleasant blurring
  • excellent imaging quality due to the use of high-quality aspherical glass lenses
  • inner focussing
  • near focussing limit of 0.3 meters
Item description

Macro lens for filming in the near focussing range
The walimex pro 100 mm VDSLR Macro offers totally new possibilities for filming in the near focussing range down to the last detail.
With its focal length of 100 mm for full-format and a near focussing limit of only 30cm, you will experience the world from a totally new viewing angle. The Crop-factor of approx. 1.6 on APS-C makes your 100mm to a 160 mm lens.
Film objects you have never seen like this before. No matter whether you would like to document the habitat of insects or just simply a drop impinging the water surface.
This lens makes it easier for you to shoot exciting films.
The very high imaging quality, the multi-layer coated lens surfaces and the precision mechanics allow you to fully concentrate on your artistic ambitions.

Technical specification

General information

Product Color Black
Length 149,1mm
Weight 735g


Bayonet E
Manufacturer Sony
Lens connection Sony E
Developed for Full Frame
Suitable for Sensor APS-C, Full Frame, MFT
Crop Factor 1,5
Focal Distance 100mm
Lens Speed 1:3,1
Internal Focusing Yes
Lenses / Groups 15 / 12
Minimum Focusing Distance 0,3m
Lens Diameter 81,6mm
Filter Diameter 67mm
Picture Angle 35mm 16,4°
Type Telephoto Lens
Category Macro
Camera Model Sony NEX-5T, Sony NEX-3N, Sony NEX-6, Sony NEX-5R, Sony NEX-F3, Sony NEX-5N, Sony NEX-C3, Sony NEX-3, Sony NEX-5, Sony A3000, Sony A5000, Sony A5100, Sony A6000, Sony A6300, Sony A7, Sony A7 II, Sony A7R, Sony A7R II, Sony A7S
Field of Application Lens Portrait, Nature, Makro
Usage Video
Special Features Macro
Field of Application Nature, Portrait, Macro


Girth 713mm
Height of Packaging 128mm
Length of Packaging 195mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 980g
Width of Packaging 131mm
Included in delivery
  • 1 x walimex pro 100/3.1 VDLSR for Sony E incl. storage bag, lens hood, lens cap
Examples of Use