Mantona Outdoor Protective Case M + inlay f. GoPro

Item number: 21000
  • high-quality outdoor case with foam rubber inlay, specially for the GoPro Hero 3+ and 4
  • waterproof, shock proof, dust-sealed
  • pre-machined accessory compartments for suction cup, chest belt, power pack, remote control, screws, backdoors, and much more.
  • safe transportation of all accessories
  • extremely sturdy and long-lasting foam rubber
  • including grid foam rubber inlays that can be cut to size so it can be used for another purpose
  • with air ventilation hole and eyelets for padlocks
Item description
mantona Outdoor Protective Case M
The mantona Outdoor ´Protective Case was developed for toughest outdoor use. It offers highest protection for your valuable photo equipment, which you want to transport safely on your shoots. It is also very well-suited for transporting smaller, sensitive items, such as jewelry, technical equipment or valuable documents. In order to ensure a space-saving transport, you can stack the Outdoor Protective Cases on top of each other.

Foam inserts for individual adjustment
The foam inlays on the inside of the case enclose the content carefully and at the same time cushion impacts. Thanks to the pre-cut mini squares on the inlays, intended type forms can be cut off easily, so that individual designs are the result. No matter if you use it for your sensitive photo equipment or for your valuable medicine or measuring utensils, you can always create perfect protection on your own. And once you would like to use the full space of your case, you can certainly remove the foam inlay completely.

Highest transport safety and manual pressure equalization
The case offers highest transport safetly with its sturdy body material. Specific sealings and latches even make it waterproof and therefore also suitable for use in wet and moist conditions. The convenient hand valve allows a manual pressure equalization in the case, e.g. after a flight.

Elegant design and high quality
The design of the case is characterized by its simple elegance and the case impresses with its high quality and excellent workmanship.

mantona foam rubber inlay
The foam rubber inlay for the mantona Outdoor case protects your Gopro Hero during transport and storage.
The inlay comes with pre-machined compartments for the safe storage of accessories, like suction cup, chest belt, power pack, remote control, screws, backdoors and, of course, the GoPro too. The robust foam rubber protects against damage and shock. This means your Action camera is safely stored and always ready at hand.

Technical specification

1x Mantona Outdoor Schutzkoffer M

General information

Material Polypropylene/ foam
Product Color Grey-black
Length 330mm
Width 280mm
Height 120mm
Weight 1600g
Stackable Yes


Special Features 100% waterproof; Air compensation valve
Stackable Yes

Data outside

Length (outside) 330mm
Width (Outside) 280mm
Height (outside) 120mm
Length (inside) 300mm
Height (inside) 101mm
Width (Inside) 220mm


Girth 1190mm
Height of Packaging 133mm
Length of Packaging 340mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1860g
Width of Packaging 292mm

1x Mantona Schaumstoffeinlage GoPro Größe M

General information

Product Color Anthracite/orange
Material Foam
Width 215mm
Length 295mm
Height 65mm
Weight 73g


Girth 654mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 295mm
Packaging Material Polybag
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 82g
Width of Packaging 222mm


Girth 1613mm
Height of Packaging 194mm
Length of Packaging 495mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1942g
Width of Packaging 365mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x mantona Outdoor Protective Case M, 1x mantona foam rubber inlay
Examples of Use