Walimex pro Audioadapter 107

Item number: 21031
  • 2 channel XLR adapter with pre-amplifier and phantom power
  • ideal of all DSLRs with an integrated microphone socket
  • The audio adapter is attached to the camera via a 1/4 inch thread
Item description

The walimex pro audio adapter is a 2 channel XLR adapter with pre-amplifier and phantom power. Ideal of all DSLR cameras with an integrated microphone socket A display shows optical monitoring of the sound recording. There is also a wide range of settings to optimise the sound quality. The audio adapter can be attached simply from below via a 1/4 inch thread to the camera.

LCD Display: Level status display in dB
GAIN switch: Signal amplifier, low to high +20dB
PEAK switch: On/off switch of the LED signal displays. LEDs flash red in the event of overload
Monitor PLAY/REC switch: Play for headset - playback of camera audio signals. REC for headset - recording of audio signals during recording
AGC on/off switch: when activated (on), the output level of the camera is kept constant. Note: Function only possible with AGC cameras. Read the manual for your camera to learn more about this.
M/S switch: to select mono (M) or stereo (S) output mode
POWER switch: On/off switch
PHANTOM 12 V/48 V switch. For 12 or 48V condenser microphones. Note: Most microphones use 12 V. Read the manual for your microphone to learn more about this.
LINE/MIC/PH switch
LINE mode is for amplifiers and other audio devices with a line output. The signal is reduced to approx. 40dB
MIC mode is for self-powered microphones
PH (phantom) mode is for microphones with a pH value that require a phantom setting.


Technical specification

General information

Product Color Black, Red
Length 155mm
Width 98mm
Height 64mm
Weight 599g


frequency 20 Hz - 20kHz (+/-0,5 dB)Hz
Power Supply 1x 9 V monobloc battery (3 hrs without phantom supply)
Connection 1/4 inches of thread
1/4 inch accessories thread Yes
modular system No
Type Audio Adapter


Girth 641mm
Height of Packaging 97mm
Length of Packaging 216mm
Weight incl. Packaging 839g
Width of Packaging 175mm
Included in delivery
  • 1 x Audio adapter
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Jack-jack cable 3.5mm
  • 1 x Jack-cinch cable
Examples of Use