Walimex pro Elevator Rig

Item number: 21055
  • Innovative carrying system comprising a vest, lap belt and telescopic pole
  • The perfect assistant for any shoot
  • The third hand for using a flash head with lighting control, making-of camera, lighting, system flash and much more.
  • Ready for use in an instant
  • Telescopic pole can also be used as a fishpole
  • With optional clamp that can also be used as an umbrella holder so that you can cope with ANY kind of weather
  • 3/8 inch thread for connecting photo/video equipment and accessories
Item description
Innovative – your assistant for any shoot

The walimex pro elevator rig is a well-designed carry system for your one-man show as a photographer. It consists of a vest with light padding, a padded lap belt and a telescopic pole.

This makes the elevator rig your helpful, third hand when shooting.

Technical features

At the upper end of the telescopic pole, there is a bolt with a 3/8 inch photo thread that any accessories can be attached to. At the bottom end, there is a 3/8 inch photo thread to assemble an extension pole or similar.

This means you have the possibility of adapting a flash head with a lighting control or lighting, and you can therefore remain flexible on the set without any additional people or support, and don’t have to take a tripod especially.

Even if it’s raining, the elevator rig offers an advantage that should not be underestimated – you can attach an umbrella using a clamp and simply continue to take photographs in the dry while others are stopping and seeking refuge from the wet weather.

Unlimited possibilities

The telescopic pole can, of course, be used separately; for example, as a fishpole or, if you are travelling with an assistant, as a boom, if the flash has to come from above. As described above, using the 3/8 inch inner thread, another extension can be screwed on the lower end to place the light source further away from the object.

The third hand

One thing is certain – this functional helper is not only a great support for all photographers that sometimes want to have a third hand; it’s also a really attractive piece of kit!

Technical specification

General information

Product Type rig
Weight 1520g
Material aluminium, plastic, polyester


Girth 2300mm
Height of Packaging 670mm
Length of Packaging 175mm
Packaging Material Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 1530g
Width of Packaging 145mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro elevator rig comprising a vest, lap belt and telescopic pole
Examples of Use