Filter set 4-coloured GoPro Hero 4/3 +

Item number: 21280
  • Underwater filter for GoPro Hero 4+ and 3+ skeleton and underwater housing
  • Set of 4 plug-in filters, colours: red, magenta, yellow, grey
  • Very scratch-proof thanks to high-quality acrylic material
  • Ideal for colour correction and for better sharpness when scuba diving and for underwater photography
  • Easy to set up and remove, incl. eyelet for a security cable
  • Item description

    Indispensable tool for optimum colours, including during diving shots
    These affixable filters by mantona are an indispensable tool for using a GoPro Hero or other similar action cams underwater. The filters provided amazing results for your dive shots. These affixable filters are simply placed over the lens protector of the GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ housing and reduce colour distortion at different water depths. They also significantly increase the sharpness of your shots.

    Filter set for different water depths and uses
    When diving, a frequent problem is that, depending on the water and diving depth, colour distortions may occur during your underwater shots. This filter set with 4 different colours resolves most of these issues, offering a simple and high-quality solution to this problem. Each filter is already pre-assembled with a perfectly fitting plastic frame. A security cable can also be fitted to the frame thanks to the eyelet. The filter discs are made of high-strength and scratch-resistant acrylic resin, and have a completely flat surface. Distortions are therefore effectively prevented.

    Four colours for different dive conditions
    Red filter - Correction of blue freshwater and salt water (water depth approximately 10-20 metres at mid-day)
    Magenta filter correction of greenish fresh and salt water (water depth approx. 6-40 metres)
    yellow filter correction in low light and darkness in fresh and salt water (water depths of up to 40 metres)
    Grey Filter - correction in the case of too much light, helping to increase sharpness considerably just below the surface of the water

    Outer dimensions including frame (L x W x H): 53 x 49 x 11 mm
    Inside dimensions (L x W x H): 36 x 34 x 8 mm
    Weight per filter: 12 g

    Compatible with:
    • Original GoPro underwater and skeleton housing for GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ (not suitable for GoPro Hero 5 or 3 housing)
    General note
    We also recommend securing your equipment, in addition, with suitable security cables made from synthetic fibre or stainless steel!
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    mantona action cam accessories - quality accessories for GoPro
    Mantona action cam products in the accessories range offer security and fit your action cam perfectly. Our products are compatible with different systems and are reliable, which we ensure by carrying out regular checks and adhering to our high quality standards.
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    Technical specification

    General information

    Product Type Action Cam filter, Action Cam Diving Accessories
    Material Synthetic material, Acrylic resin
    Product Color Grey, Red, Yellow, Magenta
    Width 53mm
    Height 52mm
    Weight 13g


    Depth 11,5mm
    Compatible Action Cams Go Pro models Go Pro Hero 4 silver and black, Go Pro models Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver and Black


    Girth 269mm
    Height of Packaging 17mm
    Length of Packaging 156mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 59g
    Width of Packaging 109mm
    Included in delivery
    • 1x affixable filter, red
    • 1x affixable filter, magenta
    • 1x affixable filter, yellow
    • 1x affixable filter, grey
    • 1x cleaning cloth set
    Examples of Use