Walimex pro drone filter set Yuneec Typhoon

Item number: 21393
  • Drone filter set for Yuneec Typhoon
  • Filter set comprises CPL, ND 4 , ND 8, ND 16
Item description

Polarization filter
The polarization filter is still one of the filters used most often in photography. This filtering reduces reflections on glass and the surface of water or puddles. At the same time, they increase colour saturation and enhance contrast. Objects behind glass (display cabinets, windscreens) become visible.
The polarization filter is the only filter whose effect cannot be achieved afterwards using image editing software. The reflections must be removed when the image is taken. It's not possible to do it after the shot. The CPL filters reflections out, and increases colour saturation and contrast.

Grey filter / ND Filter
Grey filters, also referred to as ND filters (neutral-density filters), reduce the entire visible light spectrum evenly throughout the entire filter. Colours and contrast are not affected by this.

Filter factor 4 increases the exposure time / aperture size by 2 stops
Filter factor 8 increases the aperture exposure time / aperture size by 3 stop
Filter factor 16 increases the exposure time / aperture size by 4 stops

Filter  When to use
CPL In situations wehe you don't need to reduce shutter speed, use CPL tor deuce glare
ND4 At low light conditions, but with direct sunlight, for example: Sunreise, Sunset
ND8 At cloudy dasy / partly cloudy
ND16 At days with strong sunlight (bright day with no clouds)
ND32 At days with very bright conditions. Completly clear sky and sun at ist highest point

Technical specification

General information

Model Yuneec Typhoon Q500, Yuneec Typhoon H, Yuneec CGO 3 camera


Girth 303mm
Height of Packaging 17mm
Length of Packaging 129mm
Weight incl. Packaging 180g
Width of Packaging 126mm
Included in delivery
  • Filter set comprises CPL, ND 4 , ND 8, ND 16, plastic protector and foam inlay
Examples of Use