Walimex pro Friction Arm XL SP

Item number: 21425
  • Very sturdy and high-quality swivel arm (friction arm) with a large central control wheel and central grating
  • Can take a load of up to 5 kg, total length 53 cm, arm diameter 2 cm
  • Two 5/8 inch spigot connectors with 1x 1/4 inch and 1x 3/8 inch inner thread
  • Ideally suited for the walimex pro super clamp art. no. 12499
  • Suitable for assembly on DSLRs, video cameras, lighting, flash head, and much more.
Item description
The tool for professionals:

swivel arms or friction arms are now essential pieces of photography and video-making equipment – whenever you wan to attach, adjust or lock or just secure your equipment, there’s no way around using a swivel arm. In addition to smaller swivel arm variations with a 1/4 inch connector (art. No. 18316 with 18 cm or art. no. 18582 that is 28 cm in length) that can be used with video rigs and in tabletop photography, walimex pro now also offers the large friction arm model made to be extremely sturdy for heavy loads such as DSLRs, video cameras, light, flash heads etc.!


Both arms have 5/8 inch spigots and are, therefore, compatible with all current super clamps (e.g. walimex pro super clamp art. No. 12499) that have the corresponding spigot mount. Thanks to the inner thread (1x 1/4 inch and 1x 3/8 inch) in the spigots, almost any photo and video accessories can be screwed on or adapted, which once more extends the scope of this swivel arm enormously.


The large, grippy hand wheel means you can securely lock the swivel arm in the desired position. The grating in the middle axis prevents any additional slipping or dropping of the boom.


These dependable and sturdy swivel arms have been used for many years in areas other than photography and video productions. This multi-talent item is also used in events and in healthcare for safely securing equipment and for adapting medical devices.

Technical highlights:

It can hold approx. 5 kg, and the total length is 53 cm.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Action Cam Keeping, articulated arm
Weight 977g
Length 53mm
Material stainless steel, anodized aluminium/die-cast, plastic (ABS)


Max. Capacity 5kg
3/8 inch accesories thread Yes


Girth 565mm
Height of Packaging 95mm
Length of Packaging 290mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1100g
Width of Packaging 140mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro swivel arm XL SP with control wheel
Examples of Use