Mantona Superior S1-4015AF

Item number: 21436
  • Exclusively fitted ball head with high load-bearing capacity and many professional features
  • Made from CNC-milled aluminium, black-anodised
  • Max. load bearing capacity of 15 kg, weight only 443 g, 40-mm head, height 100 mm
  • With friction movement control, 360 ° panorama function, portrait notch and three bubble levels
  • Arca Swiss-compatible quick-release plate with scaling and drop protection
Item description

The ball heads of the mantona Fortress series offer that “extra” that many amateur and professional photographers want their ball head to have.

  • More professional features such as a friction movement control.
  • A higher load-bearing capacity of 10 to 25 kg
  • A more exclusive level of workmanship

The mantona Fortress series meets the requirements of amateur and professional photographers and offers a high level of fittings, load-bearing capacity, haptic features, workmanship and functionality at any attractive price.

Your high-performance partner for photo and video equipment of all kinds
The ball heads in the mantona Fortress series are the ideal partner for your photo and video equipment. Whether a telephoto lens, spotting scope, digital camera, (digital) SLR, mirrorless DSLM camera or even camcorder and heavy video cameras – this ball head is very versatile. The precision fit and accuracy of these ball heads enable work to be carried out precisely, to the nearest millimetre, both with heavy and light equipment like action cams or smartphones (separate mount required).

Solid and top-quality mechanical base for sturdiness
The maximum load-bearing capacity of 10 kg with the Fortress 34 model requires a solid, high-quality base. The housing of the Fortress series is, therefore, made from very sturdy, CNC-milled aluminium. Minimum production tolerances and high-quality components ensure an extraordinarily high load-bearing capacity and the impressive easy of operation of this ball head.

The black-anodised housing has an excellent surface finish. This coating ensures an extremely scratch-resistant surface and an attractive look. The 34-mm ball of the Fortress 34 offers clean cushioning and is precision-made. In conjunction with the excellently made housing and integrated mechanics, this ball head is guaranteed to last a long time. Irksome sagging of the ball head after it is locked is, thereby, kept to a minimum.

Despite its costly construction, this ball head weighs only 338 g including the quick-release plate, making it a real light-weight in its class.

First-class controls with excellent functionality and haptic features
The Fortress ball head has a total of 3 control buttons. The main locking button has a rubber coating to make it pleasant to the touch as well as optimum power transfer. This control that is essential for a ball head has a calibration ring and a friction movement control screw. In the mantona Fortress series, this control can be used to adjust resistance and to lock the built-in head; and it has a special feature to allow you to choose a short or a long adjustment movement for locking the ball head.

With the thumb or the tool provided, the friction movement can be adjusted simply and effectively to the weight of your equipment or to your own individual preferences. A long adjustment range ensure particularly sensitive operation. For heavy equipment or especially fast handling, the friction movement can be reduced or totally blocked. This effectively prevents the mounted equipment from coming accidentally loose or tipping over when heavy weight is place on the device.

Both controls for the quick-release plate clamp and the panorama function are made from aluminium and ensure optimum operation and an attractive look.

Arca Swiss-compatible quick-release plate in XL format and with scaling
This ball head has a precisely fitted Arca Swiss-compatible quick-release plate. Since the Fortress series is designed to take particularly high loads, special emphasis was placed on a high-quality solution for the quick-release plate. The quick-release plate of the mantona Fortress 34 ball head offers an especially large contact area with dimensions of 52 x 44 x 11 mm. Thanks to the wide contact area, large and heavy add-on parts can be securely attached.

The quick-release plate is fitted with anti-slip rubber and drop protection pins. This will prevent the ball head accidentally coming loose. The in-built 1/4-inch camera fixation screw has 3 holes so you can place it where you want, and thanks to the rear D-Ring, it can be screwed in place without any additional tools.

Perfect adjustment of your recording device on a tripod is important, especially to achieve successful panorama shots and videos. To set up your equipment perfectly, on the quick-release plate of Fortress ball heads, there is an additional scale. In conjunction with the middle marking on the quick-release plate clamp, the ball head can be adjusted quickly and to the millimetre with great ease.

In total, 3 bubble levels are available to make it easy to adjust the level of the ball head. In the quick-release plate slot, there are two bubble levels placed at 90 degrees to each other and in the fixation screw of the quick-release plate clamp, there is an additional circular level for orientation during landscape shots.

Panorama pan shots become a joy
The solid ball head slot with incorporated panorama scale is great for panorama pan shots. A separate friction and lock button means you can obtain optimum resistance adjustments fast when doing panorama pan shots. In conjunction with high-quality mechanics and clean shock absorbency, panorama pan shots become a joy.

On the underneath, the ball head has a 3/8-inch thread hole for fixation to tripods or sliders. A 3/8 to 1/4-inch thread adapter is also included so it can be mounted on this form of connector.

Comprehensive delivery
The mantona Fortress series package includes a transport and storage bag; a 3/8 to 1/4-inch thread adapter and a tool set are provided as standard.

Additional quick-release plates for the Fortress ball head series can be found in our assortment: 21467 mantona Fortress ASF-52-1S quick-release plate (52 x 44 x 11 mm) 21468 mantona Fortress ASF-60-1S quick-release plate (60 x 44 x 11 mm)

The features of the mantona Fortress 34 in brief:

  • 15 kg load bearing capacity, while weighing only 443g, 40 mm ball
  • Friction movement control screw
  • All parts are extremely well-made and of the highest quality
  • Arca Swiss-compatible quick-release system
  • Especially wide Arca Swiss XL quick-release plate
  • Middle marking and millimetre scaling to adjust the quick-release plate
  • 3 high-quality control buttons for optimum user comfort
  • 3 bubble levels / spirit levels
  • 360° panorama function
  • Incl. bag, tool and thread adapter
Technical specification

General information

Product Type Ball head
Material Aluminum, synthetic material, rubber, synthetic fiber (bag)
Product Color Black, Grey
Length 78mm
Width 72mm
Height 102mm
Weight 443g


Tripod Head Ball head
Max. Load Tripod Head 15000g
Height Ball Head 100mm
Weight Ball Head 443g
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 3
Outside Diameter Spherical Head Housing 53mm
Diameter Ball in Ball Head 40mm
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Length quick change plate 60mm
Width Quick Change Plate 44mm
Height quick release plate 11mm
Weight quick change plate 43g
Compatible quick change systems Arca Swiss
Panorma Scale Yes
Removable with fall arrest Yes
Special Features Extra wide Arca-Swiss quick-change plate
Tripod Connection 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch retrofitted via threaded adapter


Girth 560mm
Height of Packaging 120mm
Length of Packaging 100mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 548g
Width of Packaging 100mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x ball head incl. quick-release plate
  • 1x includes transport and storage bag, padded
  • 1x 3/8- to 1/4-inch thread adapter
  • 1 x tool
Examples of Use