Walimex pro Follow Focus Snap-On Pro

Item number: 21441
  • Follow Focus for Snap-On assembly to 15 mm rails
  • removable mark ring
  • tool-free, exchangeable gear wheel
  • Assembly possible on the rig on left/right as well as on top/underneath
  • two adjustable quick stops to define the shift focus
  • CNC machined aluminium
Item description
Professional equipment for your shoot

The follow focus snap-on pro is a high-quality precision part made from machined aluminium, with which you can achieve professional and precise shift focus for your film shoots.

Well thought-out details

Assembly on the rig (15 mm rails) is easy with the snap-on, ie the follow focus is simply clipped onto the rails and locked. This means, for example, that the matte box does not have to be removed during assembly/disassembly.

Technical features

The follow focus snap-on pro also has two quick-stops that are attached firmly to the follow focus and can be adjusted with two fastening screws. You can use it to define with precision the range of the desired shift focus, thereby limiting the travel of the focus shift.

The large dial is also made from machined aluminium and has good grip thanks to the large, grooved surface.

The follow focus can be easily moved left or right after assembly on the rig to achieve the exact position on the lens ring. The gear wheel can be assembled on the left or right of the gear axis, giving you various options for assembly on the rig (to the left or right of the lens, above or below the rig), which means that space problems with other equipment on your shoulder rig are a thing of the past.

Marking for precise shift focus

The mark ring included is held in place with three magnets on the follow focus and can be written on with a marker pen so you can control the desired depth of field – for example, when using an external focus puller or if you don't want to use the quick-stop. The follow focus mark ring can be obtained under art no. 21442 as an accessory or replacement part, if during a hectic shooting session a ring gets lost. The hand wheel of the follow focus snap-on pro, of course, also has the standard connector or a FF-whip, FF-crank or FF-wave.

Technical specification

General information

Weight 522g
Height 12,5mm
Material aluminium, CNC-milled


Camera Model Olympus Pen-F, Olympus E-M1 Mark II


Girth 455mm
Height of Packaging 85mm
Length of Packaging 205mm
Weight incl. Packaging 640g
Width of Packaging 100mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x follow focus snap-on pro incl. mark ring (assembled)
  • 2x quick stops
Examples of Use