Samyang MF 8mm F3,5 Fisheye II APS-C Sony E

Item number: 21714
  • Suitable for APS-C sensors
  • Fantastic, unique perspective with very large depth of field
  • Ideal for shooting in confined spaces
  • Coated glass lenses
  • Removable lens hood
  • Purely manual focus and exposure
  • High-quality optics and mechanics
  • Close focusing distance: approx. 30 cm
Item description

Unique shots
The Fisheye lens from Samyang offers a completely new way of looking at things. Thanks to the unusual perspective, there are no limits to creativity. Whether in panorama or landscape photography or even in the tightest of spaces, brilliant all-round shots can be achieved with the Samyang Fisheye. On the Sony camera, all possibilities are open to the photographer who likes to experiment.

High-quality workmanship
The focal length of only 8 mm allows a close-up limit of 30 cm. Exciting wide-angle images can be captured in brilliant sharpness, starting just before the front lens. The high lens speed of 1:3.5 enables excellent shots even in less favourable light conditions. The lens is optimised for the DSLR camera with APS-C sensor. A lens hood prevents stray light and lens reflections from the side. The glass lenses of the lens are coated and bring an excellent contrast as well as a very good sharpness behaviour. The particularly high-quality optics of the lens ensure optimal image results with balanced colour reproduction.

New image composition possibilities
With the Samyang Fisheye, photographers have a wide range of creative possibilities, especially with spherical panoramas. All lines that pass through the centre of the image are not distorted. On the other hand, all lines at the edge are distorted, strongly barrel-shaped. This effect is used for a variety of effects (e.g. globe effect with typical, spherically distorted perspective).

Using an APS-C lens on a camera with a full-frame sensor
Lenses designed for cameras with an APS-C sensor can sometimes be used (mainly by using an adapter) on cameras with a full-frame sensor. However, due to the much smaller image circle of APS-C lenses, the edges will be black. The usable area of the image photographed with a full-frame camera therefore corresponds to that of a camera with an APS-C sensor. The images must therefore be cropped in post-processing. Using APS-C lenses on full-frame cameras is therefore possible, but not recommended.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Lens
Product Color Black
Length 77mm
Weight 440g


Field of Application Architecture, Countryside, Nature, Travel
Bayonet E
Manufacturer Sony
Special Features Super wide angle
Lens connection Sony E
Developed for APS-C
Suitable for Sensor APS-C
Focal Distance 8mm
Lens Speed 1:3,5
Lenses / Groups 10 / 7
Number of Aperture Slats 6
Minimum Focusing Distance 0,3m
Lens Diameter 75mm
Angle of View 167°
Type Fisheye
Category Fisheye
Field of Application Lens Architecture, Countryside, Journey, Nature
Usage Photo


Girth 770mm
Height of Packaging 170mm
Length of Packaging 130mm
Weight incl. Packaging 640g
Width of Packaging 130mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Samyang MF 8mm F3.5 Fisheye II APS-C lens for Sony E
  • 1x Lens cap
  • 1x Removable lens hood
  • 1x Lens pouch
Examples of Use