Samyang MF 85mm T1,5 Video DSLR II Fuji X

Item number: 21867
  • Suitable for full format and APS-C sensor
  • Suitable for 4K
  • Excellent portrait lens for interviews and reports
  • Stepless Aperture
  • Soft, smooth-running focus adjustment
  • Aperture ring and focus ring with gear rim for follow focus systems
  • High-quality processed optics and mechanics
  • Coated glass lenses
  • Distance and aperture scale positioned sideways
  • Manual exposure control and focus
  • Minimum focusing distance: approx. 1.1 m
  • Incl. bag, protective cover and lens hood
Item description

Designed for photography and videography
This lens from Samyang was developed for the high demands of video and photographers. The aperture is continuously adjustable from T/1.5 to T/22, the focus is soft and easy to adjust. This makes it possible to smoothly adjust the focus, but also to change the aperture, especially during a take for video recordings. The aperture ring and focus ring are equipped with a gear rim and are therefore optimized for use with Follow Focus systems. For better legibility, the distance and aperture scales are mounted on the side.

Versatile portrait lens for moving and still pictures
With a focal length of 85 mm, the Samyang 85/1.5 lens is an ideal lens for documentary and reportage photography. It offers a wide range of design possibilities for creative photo and film work. The excellent speed of f/1.5 allows excellent shooting even in less favourable lighting conditions.

High quality workmanship
The lens is constructed to a very high quality. The metal housing is very robust and captivates with its elegant appearance. The glass lenses are coated and therefore provide an excellent contrast and sharpness range as well as a balanced color balance in the image. The particularly high-quality optics of the lens ensure optimal image results. The lens hood prevents lateral light from entering and lens reflections.

Advantages of a full frame lens on a camera with APS-C sensor (or smaller)
Save time in post-processing: A variety of lens defects such as distortion, blur, or vignetting appear on the edges of the image. If you use a full-frame lens on a camera with an APS-C sensor, these areas will not be used in the first place. Thus, you automatically get the maximum quality and no additional time for correcting lens errors needs needs to be invested in post-processing.

Why the aperture is sometimes given in T
In photography, the abbreviation "f" is used for aperture (from "focal length"). The given value indicates the ratio between focal length and entrance pupil at the lens. In film and video, on the other hand, the abbreviation "T", which stands for "transmission", is used. This value is calculated from the aperture f and the loss of light in the individual lens. It indicates the net brightness of the image that hits the sensor. This makes it possible to change the lens when filming: As long as the "T-Stop" is selected the same for both, it is guaranteed that two shots filmed with different lenses of the same scene are equally bright. Thus, there are no jumps in brightness when they are edited together.

Technical specification


Girth 740mm
Height of Packaging 160mm
Length of Packaging 130mm
Weight incl. Packaging 776g
Width of Packaging 130mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Samyang MF 85mm F1.5 Video DSLR Fuji X Lens
  • 1x Lens Hood
  • 2x Lens cap (front and rear)
  • 1x Lens protection bag
  • 1x Manual
Examples of Use