Samyang Video DSLR basic Set MFT

Item number: 21985
  • versatile video lens set with the highlights and the Outdoor Case M by mantona, the focal length of 24mm, 50 mm and 85mm offers a perfect foundation for filmmaking
  • suitable for all Cameras with MicroFourThird Mount
  • Samyang 24/3,1 lens VDSLR
    • soft, smooth-running adjustment of focus
    • developed specifically for photography and videography like all VDSLR Lenses
  • Samyang 50/1,5 VDSLR lens
    • infinitely variable aperture, ideal for uniform exposure during shooting
    • near focussing limit: approx. 45 cm
  • Samyang 85/1,5 VDSLR lens
    • specially developed for photography and videography and photography
    • multi-coated glass lenses like on all VDSLR lenses
  • mantona Outdoor Case M
    • waterproof – shockproof - dustproof
    • loop for padlock
    • incl. four individually cuttable foam inlays
Item description

Samyang 24/1,5 VDSLR lens
The Samyang 24/1.5 lens is the ideal wide angle lens, that gives you various opportunities for creative shots. The lens is particularly well-suited for reportage videos and photos. It has a focal length of 24mm. Its very fast lens speed of 1:1.5 makes optimal results possible even in poor light conditions. This wide angle lens by Samyang was developed for videography and photography.

Samyang 50/1,5 VDSLR lens
This lens from Samyang has been developed for videography. The aperture can be infinitely adjusted from 1.5 to 22 and focussing is soft and light moving. This enables soft focus tracking, particularly in videography. Both the aperture ring and the focus ring are provided with a ring gear and have thus been optimized for use with focussing facilities (Follow Focus Systems) and ease their use when filming. The distance and aperture scales are arranged on the side for better readability

Samyang 85/1,5 VDSLR lens
The Samyang 85/1.5 video lens offers the ideal focal length for the portrait area, which enables a vast variety of possibilities in creative filming and photography. The lens is particularly suitable for journalistic photography It comes with a focal length of 85 mm. The fast lens speed of 1:1.5 allows excellent shots, even in less favourable light conditions.

mantona Outdoor Case M – Protection for valuable equipment
The mantona Outdoor ´Protective Case was developed for toughest outdoor use. It offers highest protection for your valuable photo equipment, which you want to transport safely on your shoots. It is also very well-suited for transporting smaller, sensitive items, such as jewelry, technical equipment or valuable documents. In order to ensure a space-saving transport, you can stack the Outdoor Protective Cases on top of each other.

Technical specification


Girth 1800mm
Height of Packaging 205mm
Length of Packaging 550mm
Weight incl. Packaging 4104g
Width of Packaging 420mm
Included in delivery
  • Samyang VDSLR basic set MFT, constisting Samyang 24/1,5 lens, Samyang 50/1,5 lens, Samyang 85/1,5 lens and mantona Outdoor Case M
Examples of Use