Walimex pro LED Leuchttisch Shining White 600 23W

Item number: 22049
  • Very large, professional and ergonomic LED light table
  • Attractive design in white and silver, large contact surface 60 x 60 cm
  • Only 8 mm high, with centimetre scales
  • Powerful thanks to 23 W power, 2,520 lumen, colour temperature of 5,600 K, CRI ≥90 Ra, dazzle-free, flicker-free
  • Brightness is infinitely dimmable with a touch sensor and memory function
  • White acrylic glass surface, scratch-proof and non-slip
  • For drawing, tracing, copying and looking at slides, negatives and much more.
Item description

For professionals and for your hobby
Experienced users know that with the right tool, working is not only fun, but you get more and better results! Whether you use the shining white light table for professional purposes or simply want to make your hobby more enjoyable – the excellent quality and the high power reserves of this light table make using it a pleasure.

Ideal for many different uses
The light tables in the Walimex pro Shining White series are the ideal tool for painters, designers, calligraphers, photographers, tattoo artists, doctors, precision mechanics and much more.
For hobbies such as quilting, sewing, padding, DIY, painting, drawing, copying, tracing, scrapbooking, stencilling, comic master tracing or viewing and assessing stamps, slides or negatives the additional lighting make your hobby even more pleasant.
The Shining White light table also makes a great present for: friends, partners, colleagues, parents, children or for yourself.

Daylight with the highest light quality
With the Shining White 600 light table, 114 high-quality and durable photos LEDs are used. They ensure, thanks to its 23-Watt maximum setting and 2,520 lumen an especially high light output if necessary, for example in bright ambient light or with thick template material. Thanks to the very high colour rendering index (CRI) of >90 Ra and a colour temperature of 5,600 Kelvin, you’ll have daylight of the highest quality and can review the results of your painting immediately in realistic detail. The lower radiation and flicker-free light protects your eyes and will not tire them, even after extended periods.

Power reserves even in bright ambient light
No, our Shining White light tables cannot be operated with a power bank or PC – you don't get something from nothing and these power sources would not give enough power for the Shining White light table. Thanks to a separate power supply unit with an extra-long connection cable of 3.2 m, you can place the light table on the table and still have enough cable length to connect it easily to your chosen socket.

Ergonomic and attractive design
The Shining White light table is very attractive thanks to its chic, minimalist design in white and silver. At 0.8 cm, it is extremely flat and pleasant to use. The work surface made from acrylic glass is non-slip and scratch-resistant. The scales given in centimetres on the left and top edge make it easier, if required, to place your templates or objects.

Intelligent, design for practical use
The operating sensor and the USB power connector were placed on the left of the light table. Your hands can pursue their activity unimpeded, without making unwanted adjustments to the pad.

Infinitely dimmable with the touch sensor and memory function
Power is not without control – with the light tables in the Walimex pro Shining White series, you can adjust and infinitely regulate the brightness very easily with the touch-sensor button. The pad is switched on and off by simply tapping it. If you place your finger a little longer on the touch-sensor operator button, the light is dimmed smoothly. Thanks to the integrated memory function, the last brightness setting is automatically saved and the light table will start up with the previous setting the next time it is switched on.

Extra-large working and light surface
The Shining White 600 light pad offers an extra-large light surface, giving you more freedom of movement for drawing. You can, for example, even place A4 templates on the large working surface, rotate it and move it without running out of light surface. The external dimensions for the Shining White 600 model are 60 x 60 cm and the lit surface has an impressive size of 55 x 55 cm. Since the edge is not too big, your hand fits comfortably on the work surface, even when working with DIN A3 sheets, without leaning on the drawing sheet. When looking at X-rays, slides, sketches or drawings, you’ll have plenty of room for making comparisons and moving items around.

Technical specification

General information

Material Electronic Components
Product Color Silver, White
Width 600mm
Height 8mm
Weight 2800g


Lamp Professional Photo/Video LED
Performance 23W
Dimmable Yes
Brightness continuously variable dimmable 0-100%
Colour Temperature 5600K
Color Temperature adjustable No
colour rendering index Ra >=90Ra
Lifespan 50000h
Width Light Area 550mm
Operating Voltage DC 12V
Voltage supply power supply
Power supply unit included in scope of supply Yes


Girth 1605mm
Height of Packaging 85mm
Length of Packaging 695mm
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 4500g
Width of Packaging 675mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Walimex pro Shining White 600 light table
  • 1x power supply unit with cable
  • 1x set of operating instructions in German and English
Examples of Use