Walimex pro universal slider support

Item number: 22465
  • Universal slider support for tripod use
  • Avoids unwanted tilting of the slider
  • Usable with all sliders from 20in up to 47in length
  • Infinitely adjustable from 17in up to 28in
  • Incl. 2 mini ball heads for mounting on the slider and tripod
  • Incl. mini clamp for mounting on the tripod leg
  • Perfectly usable as speedlite holder, boom arm, etc.
Item description

Slider’s best friend
Every filmmaker who uses a video slider for enhancing the video shots knows this issue: The camera is being moved to the end of the slider and the slider tilts due to the camera’s weight – it’s almost impossible to get smooth and stable shots. The worst case would be if the whole tripod falls over. We understood this issue and offer now the solution for it with our slider support – universal and suitable for all slider models (with 1/4“ accessory thread) and all slider lengths.

Clever and multifunctional

Our universal slider support has got an infinitely variable length from 43cm up to 70cm and can perfectly be used with slider lengths from 20in up to even 47in. In addition to this it’s extremely versatile and can also be used as a simple monopod or a boom pole, e.g. to get completely new and unusual perspectives and video shots in combination with a smartphone adapter.

One fits all
Mounting the slider support to the tripod is pretty easy: The slider support has got two different ends – one with a mini ball head and a 1/4“ connector and the other one with a mini ball head and a mini clamp. Screw the 1/4“ connector into one of the accessory threads of your video slider and attach the other end with the mini clamp to one of the tripod legs. The clamp will fit almost all tripod legs and all diameters. As soon as the video slider has been levelled, you can fix and tighten the flip lock and both mini ball heads and you can start with professional slider video shots. You don’t have to be scared regarding tilting of your camera or slider any longer. We recommend taking TWO slider supports – one on each side of the video slider to get the best results and to avoid all unwanted movements of the slider. BE creative, WE care about the equipment.

Always handy
First of all you’ll be staggered by the low weight of the whole set (infinitely variable pole, mini ball heads and mini clamp) – it’s not more than 0.93 lbs and due to its compact size it will find its place in almost every slider bag. So it’s really an universal always-handy-tool and multifunctional.

Technical specification

General information

Product Color Black
Material Synthetic material, Die-cast aluminium , Rubber
Weight 420g
Length 430mm


Girth 305mm
Height of Packaging 75mm
Length of Packaging 508mm
Weight incl. Packaging 438g
Width of Packaging 40mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Universal Slider Support incl. 1x mini ballhead and 1x tripod clamp
Examples of Use