Walimex pro Softbox Octagon 80cm Niova 800 Round

Item number: 22484
  • Octagon softbox suitable for Walimex pro Niova 800 Plus Round series
  • Dimensions when assembled: 80 cm diameter
  • Easy to assemble, fixed to the mounting rods on the housing of the LED
  • High-quality, thick, heat-resistant material
  • Incl. front and intermediate diffuser and a transport bag
  • Ideal for product and people photography
Item description

80 cm Octagon Softbox suitable for Walimex pro Niova 800 Plus Round series
This softbox makes an ideal complement to Walimex pro Niova 800 Plus Round LED lights. Thanks to this additional softbox, the round and powerful LED lights of the Walimex pro Niova 800 Plus Round series become even more versatile. The dimensions of this Octagon softbox with its 80 cm diameter are very popular and form a genuine basic item in any photo studio. This softbox features high-quality, impressive functionality and is easy to assemble. Thick material and precise workmanship guarantee a long service life, even after multiple setting up and dismantling.

Exactly adapted for and compatible with the Walimex pro Niova 800 Plus Round series
This softbox is exclusively compatible with and perfectly adapted for the LED permanent lights in the Walimex pro Niova 800 Plus Round series. The eight tension rods are inserted into the corresponding slots on the housing of the Niova 800 Plus Round and the softbox is then inserted as usual and assembled. In the scope of delivery, there is an intermediate diffuser and an outer diffuser already included. With these diffusers, you can create extremely soft and even light characteristics. You can combine the versatility, the high light quality and the durability of an LED light source with the known qualities of the softbox. A storage and transport bag for the softbox is also included in the scope of delivery.

Impressive results with the softbox
Soft and uniform illumination without reflections make this softbox an indispensable tool in the studio. Softboxes are ideal for use in product and portrait photography. An intermediate diffuser may optionally be used to soften the light even further. And the outer diffuser, which is simply put over the Softbox, is a convenient help for controlling the light conditions, and makes this light even more uniform and softer.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Softbox
Material Synthetic fibre, polyester , Stainless steel
Product Color Black, Silver, White
Length 530mm
Width 270mm
Height 10mm
Weight 665g


Softbox Type Octagon
Diameter 80mm
Coating Silver
Grid/Overlay No
Softbox transportation bag included Yes
Field of Application Portrait, Whight Light, People Photography, Product Photography


Girth 980mm
Height of Packaging 40mm
Length of Packaging 520mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 820g
Width of Packaging 190mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Walimex pro Softbox Octagon 80 cm Niova 800 Round
  • 1x rod (8 sections)
  • 1x outer diffuser
  • 1x intermediate diffuser
  • 1x transport bag
Examples of Use