Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 Z for Nikon Z

Item number: 22795
  • Lens with Z mount, suitable for Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras
  • Full format lens, also for APS-C sensor
  • Manual Focusing, 85 mm fixed focal length
  • Excellent lens speed of f/1.4
  • Very good imaging quality thanks to high-quality coated glass lenses, one of them hybrid-aspherical
  • Internal focusing
  • With Samyang weather seal, innovative design
  • High quality mechanics and optics
Item description

Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 is a high performance manual lens, optimized and developed for the latest Nikon camera series with Z mount
The lens is designed for cameras with 35mm full frame sensor for superb photo and video shooting. It is ideal for the latest Nikon series mirrorless cameras with Z mount and high pixel count.

Optimal image angle - beautiful portraits
The 85 mm Samyang lens provides an ideal focal length for portraits and focuses on the essentials. On the full-frame camera, its 28.3° angle of view provides the optimum concentration on the subject. If the 85/1.4 is locked to a Nikon APS-C camera, an image angle of 19° is produced, which roughly corresponds to the image impression of a 126 mm lens. The lens is very well corrected and convinces with very good and distortion-free imaging performance. The very compact construction provides a pleasant handling with a balanced center of gravity.

High quality optics and mechanics
The lens is equipped with internal focusing and offers a close-up limit of 1m. With 9 lenses in 7 groups, it is very elaborately built, with optimum performance already expected with an open aperture. When focusing, the corresponding lens elements are shifted internally: the overall length of the lens therefore does not change, and the 72mm filter thread does not rotate during focusing. The iris diaphragm has 8 blades and thus offers an almost circular aperture pattern. The blur is reproduced harmoniously with a fine bokeh. Of course, all lens surfaces are multicoated to increase the contrast of the images and to avoid reflections. Everything is rounded off by precise mechanics, clearly latching aperture values (in 1/2 increments) and production in a high-quality metal frame.

Excellent light intensity
The superior speed of this Samyang lens allows the use of short exposure times or lower ISO values. This significantly reduces image noise. The large aperture with a shallower depth of field optimizes the position of the focal plane in the viewfinder. A practical secondary benefit of the high light intensity is the highlighting/clearance of the subject against a blurred foreground or background.

Innovative design and weather protection
The lens is not only technically outstanding but also in appearance. It interprets the design of the mirrorless cameras in a new way. The camera and lens thus form a harmonious duo. The high-quality 85mm F1.4 lens has a compact design despite the solid metal housing. The focus ring is frosted, which not only looks good on the lens, but also gives the photographer a good grip. The lens is equipped with Samyang's own weather protection and resists snow or light rain showers.

Advantages of a full frame lens on a camera with APS-C sensor
The Samyang MF 14mm F2.8 is designed to be used on a full frame camera. Of course you can also use it on cameras with smaller sensors, e.g. APS-C. Since a correspondingly smaller section of the full-frame image circle hits the sensor from the lens, the image angle is also smaller (28.3° for full-frame, 19° for APS-C on Nikon). Thus, the image contents of the APS-C image are a central section of the image that a full format camera would display. Aberrations usually occur at the edge, especially with wide-angle lenses, so the quality for APS-C cameras is always maximum.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Lens
Material Aluminium, Synthetic material, Glass
Product Color Black
Length 102mm
Width 78mm
Weight 740g


Field of Application Architecture, Countryside, Portrait, Travel, Beauty, Child Photography, Couples, Panoramic Scene, Food
Manufacturer Nikon
Developed for Full Frame
Suitable for Sensor APS-C, Full Frame
Crop Factor 1,5
Focal Distance 85mm
Lens Speed 1:1,4
Internal Focusing Yes
Lenses / Groups 9 / 7
Number of Aperture Slats 8
Coating UMC - Ultra Multi Coating
Minimum Focusing Distance 1,1m
Lens Diameter 78mm
Filter Diameter 72mm
Angle of View 19,1°
Field of Application Lens Architecture, Journey, Portrait, Nature
Usage Photo


Girth 740mm
Height of Packaging 160mm
Length of Packaging 130mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 898g
Width of Packaging 130mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 Z Lens for Nikon Z
  • 1x Lens hood
  • 1x Lens cap
  • 1x Lens protection bag
  • 1x Bayonet protection cap
  • 1x Manual
Examples of Use